Curry Soup and Glaucoma: “Let Food by Thy Medicine and Medicine Thy Food” -Hippocrates

Super delish soup recipe we made all the time at Cafe Latte over the last 22 years. A blast from the past! Enjoy

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Good beautiful morning,

The soup turned out great! I am having it again today as you know it just gets better the next day. Keep reading for a super secret chef trick to avoiding gas when eating beans and legumes.
Enjoy the soup 🙂

20170116_180054 Curry Lentil Soup with Canary Island Garlic Herb Olive Oil

Curry Lentil Soup
(this is an alternative version of George Matlajan recipe, thanks George)
1 cup of green organic lentils (Aldi has awesome ones)
4 cups of boiled water
3 Tablespoons of Canary Island Garlic Herb Olive Oil
1 small to medium sweet onion chopped
8 baby organic carrots chopped in half
3 small or 2 large celery stalks sliced down middle then chopped
2 cups chopped organic kale    (Aldi has nice organic kale as does Walmart)
1-2 Tsp of yellow curry powder   (Miriam likes it light so I used 1 tsp but…

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