Kristi Linebaugh and Miriam Vigoa opened Cafe Latte Coffee House & Eatery  in 1995, it was the first coffee house and eatery in Polk County. Within the first year the customers demanded they sell food. Miriam made a version of her Great Grandmother’s recipe for seasoned olive oil they nicknamed it”The Splash”. They began selling the splash at their cafe, it can still be purchased at their cafe.

The olive oil became so popular that Miriam and Kristi soon began making the splash available to customers and soon, Vigoa Cuisine was born. The official name of the seasoned olive oil is, The Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil or “The Splash” for short. The name splash is used because literally everything that is made at Cafe Latte is Splashed with the olive oil, giving the food a savory flavor that is low in sodium and no sugar.  The demand grew quickly and now the Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil are sold in The Whole Foods Markets throughout Florida.

Stop by Cafe Latte, it is located in the only Women Owned Business District in the state of Florida.  Winner of 13 People’s Choice Awards with a menu that changes daily, every day is a delicious surprise. Focusing on fresh organic and local produce with a wide selection of  health concious fare along with vegetarian, vegan and meat entrees available, grab a juice from the juice bar and relax. Situated in Historic Orchid Springs, with brick walkways and hanging bouganvillia the Spanish architecture is a beautiful backdrop to enjoy while dining on the patio at Cafe Latte.

Cafe Latte Coffee House & Eatery  200 Orchid Springs Dr. Winter Haven, FL. 33884   1.863.318.8777 (off Cypress Gardens Blvd. and Overlook Dr. across from The Hawthorne Inn)

“Come on by Cafe Latte and we will treat you to a Splash bread on the house. We are only two stoplights from LEGOLAND  stop by when you are in town. We would love to see you ”

Miriam Vigoa & Kristi Linebaugh


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